Forgot I Had One Of These!

This will have to be quick because I’m typing on my Note 2…and although it’s great for texting and email, I don’t think it will work for me to share my amazing insights and wisdom with the world.


More realistically I don’t think I will be able to deal with auto correct for more than a few paragraphs.


Here’s my wisdom for today.  If you write two paragraphs trying to entertain readers and manage to do nothing but aggravate yourself, delete that crap and move on!  (I just wrote about the amazing technological advance that is the smartphone and realized it was both garbage and that you care about what I think on that subject about as much as you care about what I think about my writing…sigh).


I guess that means I’m done for now.  Let’s see if I ever post again.  I’m sure there was a good reason i started an account here but I don’t remember it.  Now I’m using it to follow an author I really like (Steve McHugh).


About Awesome 5ammy

I'm probably certifiably crazy. Also probably don't have anything good to say but since this blog is free I will say it anyway!
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